Two weeks after the latest shock for Europe’s establishment parties, when Sweden’s ruling coalition suffered a dramatic drop in support in the latest elections, Sweden’s newly elected parliament voted to oust Prime Minister Stefan Lofven – leader of the center-left Social Democratic Party – in a vote of confidence, officiallyRead More →

BMW Shareholders are not impressed by what management calls a “moderate” drop in pretax profit expectations due to trade tensions and pricing pressure. “The continuing international trade conflicts are aggravating the market situation and feeding uncertainty,” BMW said in a statement. “These circumstances are distorting demand more than anticipated andRead More →

What Happens When the Adults in the Room Are as Scary as the Crying Baby? John FEFFER During a lifetime of make-believe, Donald Trump has never pretended to be a conventional politician. When he finally decided to make a serious bid for office, he built his presidential aspirations onRead More →