Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute, A court in Germany has ruled that the recent deportation to Tunisia of a failed asylum seeker – an Islamist suspected of being a bodyguard for the former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden – was unlawful and that, at taxpayer expense, he must beRead More →

In a series of reports from the Russian News Agency TASS, Russia’s fifth-generation Su-57 stealth fighter jet could be entering service sometime in 2019. The aircraft has huge potential to modernize the Russian military for at least “fifty years,” exclaimeda senior Russian lawmaker, as it has proven its worth during the combatRead More →

De 2016 para 2017, os episódios de feminicídio subiram 22% (929 para 1.133), embora persistam resistências à aplicação da norma sancionada em 2015 por Dilma Rousseff. Os registros de violência doméstica somam anualmente 221.238, ou 606 por dia. No aniversário de 12 anos da Lei Maria da Penha, Brasília despertouRead More →

Billions of people around the world grew up during the age of social media, and mankind is slowly marching toward a future where nearly everyone will be a digital native. And as Visual Capitalist’s Nick Routlery points out, for the one-third of humanity that now uses a smartphone, messaging and statusRead More →

Authored by Gregory Shupak via ‘Fariness & Accuracy In Reporting’, In the aftermath of the assassination attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, an article in the Miami Herald (8/5/18) reported that “a clandestine group formed by Venezuelan military members opposed to the regime of Nicolás Maduro claimed responsibility.” A New York Times op-ed (8/10/18)Read More →

The Iraqi government has said they intend to send a delegation to Washington soon to request an official waiver from the US for certain sanctions against Iran. Iran is the source of about 15% of all Iraq’s imports. US sanctions against Iran are hitting Iraqis particularly hard, both because ofRead More →