The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has “neither [confirmed] nor [denied] the existence” of information regarding the real identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Motherboard reported June 14. Motherboard’s Daniel Oberhaus, who mainly covers topics on physics, space, cryptocurrency, and the future of energy, submitted a Freedom of Information ActRead More →

Authored by Lance Roberts, Michael Lebowitz, and John Coumarianos via Real Investment Advice Part I – “Buy & Hold” Can Be Hazardous To Your Wealth Part II – Why Crashes Matter & The Saving Problem Valuations & Forward Returns “Part III” of this series will discuss the issue of valuations, the impactRead More →

A new report from WalletHub, the personal-finance website, could signal the U.S. economy is in late-cycle, as the stressed-out, tapped-out American consumer just rejected consumerism and has overwhelmingly decided to repair its overextended balance sheet instead. While President Trump pedals the notion that the economy is the “greatest economy in HISTORY,”Read More →

A prominent Democrat is coming out with some harsh words for liberals in the United States who continue to fall for outright lies of profit-driven pharmaceutical companies. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes that certain mainstream publications lie to their readers by hiding information in order to protect big pharma. “SlateRead More →