Via Global Macro Monitor, David Stockman tweeted the following Zero Hedge chart this morning. Clearly, a shift in the supply curve for new homes to the left. OK  – and some buying at irrational prices fueled by artificially low-interest rates and excess money.  The irrational panic buying will take care of itself asRead More →

Portland, Oregon – A concerned family is speaking out after they claim that their Amazon Alexa device recorded a conversation they were having in their home, and sent it to a random contact who alerted them to the fact that he had heard everything they said. A homeowner named Danielle,Read More →

The $70 cake Cara Koscinski ordered to celebrate her son’s achievement was “censored.” Koscinski’s son received “highest honors” (aka “summa cum laude”), yet the cake she ordered to celebrate showed the “cum” prominently bleeped out. Koscinski and her entire family were awkwardly forced to acknowledge the existence of, uh, the otherRead More →