By Ryan McMaken During this partial government shutdown, it’s become nearly impossible to avoid news articles, and segments on television and radio outlining the many ways that federal employees are apparently suffering financially as a result of the partial government shutdown. The stories are very diverse in topic. Some takeRead More →

Earlier this week we reported that, according to Nomura’s calculations, CTAs were about to cover their recent S&P short positions and turn increasingly longer the higher the market rose. And sure enough, the US stock market has only risen higher, with the latest two upside catalysts being the positive WSJRead More →

AL QAIM, IRAQ — As the fight against the Islamic State in eastern Syria — where some of the U.S. troops President Donald Trump has promised to withdraw are based — enters its final stages, ISIS fighters are trying to cross into Iraqi territory. “We normally have daily sightings,” Col. Saleh Al-YacoubiRead More →

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via, Battle Royale The effrontery of Ms. Pelosi, Speaker of the House, in cancelling Mr. Trump’s State of the Union address in the chamber she controls is perhaps the worst insult to institutional protocol since the spring day in 1856 when Congressman Preston BrooksRead More →