By Brandon Turbeville Despite the repeated demonstrations of the fact that the United States and other Western nations have armed, supported, and funded terrorists in Syria from the beginning of the crisis in 2011 as well as long before that crisis had taken shape, official pronouncements admitting to funding thoseRead More →

By Mac Slavo The Central Intelligence Agency made six remote-controlled dogs as a part of their MKULTRA “behavior modification” or mind control program.  Using brain surgery, newly requested documents show that the dogs were “field operational” and controlled by human beings. The CIA marked the 65th anniversary of the launchRead More →

By Catherine J. Frompovich Interestingly, U.S. Senate members seem to be at odds regarding Saudi Arabia; its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, abbreviated to MBS; journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s horrific murder; plus ancillary Middle East issues.  Below are two short videos which describe the conundrum involving party politicsRead More →

By Derrick Broze Documents released to the American Civil Liberties Union detail how the CIA considered using a controversial psychotropic drug as a ‘truth serum’. The American Civil Liberties Union has released documents from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Medical Services detailing a secret history of CIA torture operations.Read More →