A crowdfunding campaign has succeeded in raising the funds necessary to pay a Freedom of Information Act request fee for documents related to the CIA’s controversial MKUltra program. John Greenewald of Black Vault, a website that publishes government documents, appealed to the internet for help after the agency refused to waive theRead More →

August 13, 2018 by intelNews Government prosecutors in Montenegro, the youngest member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, claim that a former officer of the United States Central Intelligence Agency helped pro-Russian plotters organize a coup in 2016. In October of that year, authorities in Montenegro accused “nationalists from RussiaRead More →

COMMENTARY: Former CIA agent John Kiriakou argues that no former intelligence official should be allowed to keep their security clearances when they leave government, especially if they work in the media. By John KiriakouSpecial to Consortium News Libertarian senator Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said on Monday that in aRead More →

There are now hundreds of supposed “facts” which prove Russia influenced the 2016 US election. I thought I’d go back to a few basics… “The CIA says” is never a great way to start a sentence. But that’s one basis of the charge that Russia “hacked” the US presidential election.Read More →

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno traveled to London on Friday for the ostensible purpose of speaking at the 2018 Global Disabilities Summit (Moreno has been confined to a wheelchair since being shot in a 1998 robbery attempt). The concealed, actual purpose of the President’s trip is to meet with British officials to finalize an agreement under which EcuadorRead More →

There are multiple reasons political discourse is degraded by the fact that it now plays out primarily on Twitter, reasons that are inherent in that site’s format and functionality: the elimination of nuance due to space constraints; mob behavior coercing adherence to group-think orthodoxies; the addict-like, insatiable craving for re-tweets and likes which the brainRead More →