LULAC claimed that an illegal immigrant inmate was beaten to death by corrections officers and another was put into a coma. The GEO Group, which runs the prison, denied the beatings. LULAC admitted there is not proof of a death and is calling for the prison to be shut down. ARead More →

President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort is discussing a possible plea deal with the special counsel’s office ahead of his second trial, The Washington Post reported Tuesday, citing anonymous sources. The negotiations might not result in a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller, the report notes. Mueller is prosecutingRead More →

A man in Texas has been arrested a second time for shooting female drivers because he doesn’t believe women should be allowed to get behind the wheel. Authorities say the man has a “dim” view of the opposite sex. Nicholas D’Agostino was initially arrested for shooting a mother as sheRead More →

Columbia, SC — Columbia police announced this week that a police dog handler who left his own K9 in a hot car until it died will not faces charges of animal cruelty, despite being entirely responsible for the animal’s death. The officer left the K9 in the hot car forRead More →

Authorities in Missouri caught a woman smuggling enough fentanyl to kill 1.5 million people as she traveled from Los Angeles to New York by bus. Detectives with the Kansas City Police Department approached 33-year-old Evelyn C. Sanchez at a bus station Tuesday where they quickly became suspicious about her reasons forRead More →

Salinas, CA — Highlighting the sheer lunacy of blue privilege and the broken justice system, a former California Highway patrol officer was found guilty of raping children twice and never went to jail. Now, this predator may finally be sent to prison but only after his third conviction for horrifyingRead More →

People are donating money to a GoFundMe page to help an Oregon man after his arrest for punching a convicted sex offender during a sentencing hearing Wednesday. The GoFundMe page raised $2,645 as of Thursday after Kevin Patrick Smith allegedly punched former youth pastor Donald Courtney Biggs at the U.S. District Court inRead More →

Editor’s note:  Is Rivera illegal or not? If he is truly “illegal” why did a REPUBLICAN family hire him to work on their farm? Why did he appear in the government’s system as “verified”? Perhaps he used a fake ID to become verified. As of now, that possibility has not beenRead More →

Three Pennsylvania men have been arrested and charged with 1,460 counts of “sexual intercourse with animals,” in addition to animal abuse and endangering the welfare of children, according to Clearfield County District Attorney. In what District Attorney William A. Shaw, Jr described as one of the “most extreme cases of animal abuse,” the threeRead More →

Prisoners in 17 states across the country started a two-week strike Tuesday, calling for an end to “modern slavery.” Prisoners will abstain from going to work at their jobs, halt commissary spending, engage in sit-ins, and refuse to eat. The main reason for the strike was an April prison riot at the Lee CorrectionalRead More →