Julian Assange is not guilty of any crime. But Washington is going to convict him anyway. Documents are being fabricated to show that Assange met inside the Ecuadoran Embassy in London with Paul Manafort and some Russians. The logs of all visits to the Embassy have been released and showRead More →

A second migrant caravan has been attempting to breach Mexico’s border with Guatemala, and the media is reporting that some migrants in that second caravan are armed with “guns” and “bombs”.  This is a very serious claim, and it needs to either be confirmed or retracted, because it is notRead More →

The disgustingly dishonest mainstream media took all of 10 minutes (that’s a guess; it could have been less time) to blame POTUS Donald Trump for the weekend mass shooting of congregants at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. That’s because blaming the president for anything and everything bad thatRead More →

An estimated 1,300 U.S. communities have lost news coverage as the newspaper industry continues on its downward spiral, according to a study by the University of North Carolina’s School of Media and Journalism released Monday. “The whole news food chain starts with daily newspapers,” Seattle Times reporter Mike Rosenberg wroteRead More →

A senior FBI official accepted tickets to sporting events from reporters and initially lied about it to government investigators, according to a report released Tuesday. The conduct of the FBI official, who has not been identified, violated federal regulations that prohibit federal employees from accepting gifts from journalists and otherRead More →

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov says the UK is plotting a chemical attack in Syria to be blamed on Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Army.  He said this will be used as a pretext for a direct attack on the Syrian government by the United States.  TASS posted Konashenkov’s remarksRead More →

The circus never stops, and no matter who cries fake news against whom, the fact remains that we have entered the post-truth, post-credibility, post-sanity, post-free speech world. While censorship is coming out into the open, the major corporate news organizations still have tremendous reach into the hollows of public consciousness, giving them power toRead More →

Do you remember when tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple were all for “net neutrality?” They jumped up on stage and boasted that they were for an “open and free” internet. The tech elite cheered on the 2015 net neutrality rules, promising that internet users could not be blocked from sitesRead More →

It seems everyone wants a piece of the US democratic action these days. Yet little do these meddling outsiders know, the system was already ‘hacked’ many years ago by the Americans themselves. In Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fable, The Emperor’s New Clothes, two enterprising tailors promise the emperor a newRead More →

COMMENTARY X Story Stream recent articles The mainstream media and out-of-touch politicians and bureaucrats want us to believe that the Cold War never ended, it’s a crime to talk with a Russian, and we should all be fearful of any Russians here in the U.S. Apparently our $21 trillion nationalRead More →