Oh boy, and you won’t hear a peep out of the same people who pushed Avenatti’s accusations against President Donald Trump, will you?  Nope, they will all be tight lipped about this, and if they do say something, it will be to defend him.  That’s right, creepy, porn attorney MicaelRead More →

In what many believe to be going on all across the nation, US attorney Josh Minkler announced that 15 people had been arrested and charged in a corruption investigation conducted by the State Board of Accounts and the FBI, Indiana State Police and several county prosecutors. Though the announcement wasRead More →

November 13, 2018 by intelNews Authorities in Austria have arrested a second alleged spy for Russia in a week, according to media reports. Several Austrian news outlets reported on Monday that police had arrested an Austrian counterintelligence officer on suspicion of passing classified information to Russian intelligence. The news followsRead More →

Chino, CA — In a testament to the neglect and abuse suffered by inmates at the hands of police, a woman in Chino, California—in dire need of medical attention for a mental health problem—was ignored until she literally ripped out her own eyeball and swallowed it. Every 15 minutes, forRead More →