With the Syrian rebel factions having been defeated or negotiated surrender deals, the first rebels from the territory around the frontier with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights have started to evacuate the area, heading north to the rebel-held Idlib Province. Various rebel-held cities, towns, and villages all accepted roughly the sameRead More →

US officials say they will not accept any referendum in breakaway Eastern Ukraine about accepting an offer of autonomy as part of Ukraine. They say no vote would be legitimate unless the rebels surrender first, and the vote is held under the auspices of central government rule. The referendum isRead More →

America is on track for an epidemic of addiction and overdoses from anti-anxiety medication, a top clinician warns.  With the nation’s attention on prescription painkillers, there has been scant conversation about the climbing rate of people being prescribed benzodiazepines, potent drugs like Xanax and Valium designed to alleviate anxiety andRead More →

Being physically active does not only make you physically fit, but also makes you mentally healthy. In a Swedish study of women and fitness, it was revealed that people who have a high level of cardiovascular fitness are 90 percent less likely to develop dementia later in life. The study, publishedRead More →

The FDA and the CDC – along with state and local officials – are investigating a multi-state outbreak of cyclosporiasis illness linked to salads from McDonald’s restaurants. So far, the reported number of people sickened by the tainted salads is 163 in 10 states. Three of the victims have beenRead More →