This report is an ADVERTISEMENT from Earlier this year, a little-known U.S. Supreme Court decision ripped open the door to a potential multi-billion dollar market. Only, it’s not what you think. I’m not talking about legal cannabis. I’m talking about America’s other favorite vice: gambling. According to Forbes, illegalRead More →

CBS News deleted a “fact check” of Trump’s border wall speech on Tuesday night which said the situation with migrant women being raped while illegally crossing our southern border is even worse than he described. Wow, @CBS factcheckers really got Drumph this time! — /r/The_Donald (@thedonaldreddit) January 9, 2019Read More →

Wherever it has been tried, true socialism as an economic model has been a resounding failure in literally every case, as evidenced in places like Venezuela and Cuba, the latter of which has elements of communism thrown in for good measure. And yet, it is a model that leaders aroundRead More →

From outlawing cell phone cases shaped like guns to bans on concealed weapons in places that serve alcohol and broadening the gun offender registry in Chicago, Alderman Ed Burke’s record has defined him as an aggressive pusher of gun control. But a bombshell 37-page criminal complaint charging Burke with extortionRead More →