The largest online progressive organization in the United States is breaking with House Democratic leadership and endorsing a primary challenge to Rep. Joe Crowley of New York, who is regularly floated as the next potential speaker of the House. The endorsement of challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who’s running to represent theRead More →

By Aaron Kesel The Trump administration is holding 1,469 teen and pre-teen boys separated from their parents in captivity along the Mexican border at an old abandoned Walmart called Casa Padre, Salt Lake Tribune reported. The old Walmart has now been renovated with classrooms, recreation centers, and medical examination rooms to hold theRead More →

The document, on the subject of “ideological competition,” was submitted to the White House National Security Council by the State Department Policy Planning Staff in the summer of 2017 — a period in which the NSC was drafting the Trump administration’s National Security Strategy. The State Department at the timeRead More →

The showdown between Cagle and Decatur has its origins in the start of Donald Trump’s presidency. When Trump began his crackdown against immigrant communities, activists in Georgia launched a counteroffensive, encouraging local governments to end police entanglement with federal immigration officials. In Decatur — a small, progressive enclave just northeastRead More →

By Aaron Kesel The drain the swamp Trump administration (made up entirely of Goldman Sachs and warmongers) has unilaterally proven that it is one of the most dangerous hypocritical administration in U.S. history gifting “defensive weapons” to Ukraine for Christmas, bombing Syria twice in a two-year span and now giftingRead More →

By Brandon Turbeville Only months after the U.S. government’s “spending freeze” and review of money allocated to the al-Nusra Front propaganda wing known as the White Helmets, the U.S. State Department has announced that it is going to “release” approximately $6.6 million for the terror support group as well asRead More →

By Matt Agorist Las Vegas, NV — After being forced to release information on the October 1 massacre, the Las Vegas police department—in an insultingly futile attempt at transparency—has been dumping information related to the shooting. In what appears to be a deliberate attempt to muddy the waters, much ofRead More →