Authored by Tim Daiss via, Alaska is still trying to make an oil production comeback after years of declining production from maturing fields. On Wednesday, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources said in a release that the state held another record-breaking oil and gas North Slope lease, netting competitiveRead More →

“Sunday Start” by Chetan Ahya, Morgan Stanley chief economist and global head of economics The Bar Is Still High Volatility remains elevated, and concerns about the health of the global economy have re-emerged. Persistent volatility and its impact on tightening financial conditions tend to focus markets’ attention on the centralRead More →

Residents of Tijuana, Mexico aren’t taking too kindly to thousands of members of a migrant caravan – hurling insults, rocks and even punches at the Central Americans which have arrived by the thousands in an effort to ultimately seek asylum in the United States, reports AP.  Ivis Muñoz, 26, has considered returning toRead More →

Authored by Jesse Colombo via, As someone who has been warning heavily about dangerous bubbles in U.S. corporate bonds and stocks, people often ask me how and when I foresee these bubbles bursting. Here’s what I wrote a few months ago: To put it simply, the U.S. corporate debt bubble will likely burst due toRead More →