Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation, According to Alastair Crooke, writing at Strategic Culture, on June 5th:  “Trump’s US aims for ‘domination’, not through the globalists’ permanent infrastructure of the US defence umbrella, but through the smart leveraging of the US dollar and financial clearing monopoly, by ring-fencing,Read More →

Authored by Simon Chandler via, Ever since the “decentralised borderless voluntary nation” Bitnation was founded in July 2014, a slowly growing raft of startups and organisations have been attempting to seize cryptocurrencies as an opportunity to build entirely new nations from the ground up. image courtesy of CoinTelegraph Whether it beRead More →

Authored by Adem Tumerkan via, Former Federal Reserve Chairman – Ben ‘Helicopter’ Bernanke – just threw cold water on the mainstream growth narrative. He said the economy by 2020 is going to go right over the cliff. Although rarely – I do agree with Helicopter Ben about something. . . President Trump’s $1.5 trillionRead More →

While this morning’s tirade by Trump’s top advisors against Just Trudeau have done nothing to dispel the G6+1 image that yesterday’s viral photo from Quebec suggested… Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office released the now-iconic picture that showed her leaning over a table to confront a pouting Trump, with President Emmanuel MacronRead More →