Authored by Lance Roberts via, On Tuesday, we put on a small S&P 500 trading position for an oversold bounce. At first, it didn’t work and we were almost stopped out, but a late day rally kept us in the position. Wednesday was a different picture as stocks rocketed outRead More →

Hillary Clinton has a message for Bernie Bros, Democratic Socialists and other constituencies of the “Dirtbag Left”. If you have a problem with the Democrats’ agenda (which, as Tucker Carlson explained in an interview last week, has shifted away from empowering “working class” Americans to favoring globalism, militarism and bigRead More →

Authored by Nick Cunningham of, Now nearly a week removed from the OPEC+ agreement, confidence in the efficacy of the deal is becoming shaky. Immediately after OPEC+ announced cuts of 1.2 million barrels per day (mb/d), a flurry of reports from oil analysts and investment banks congratulated the group on aRead More →

Sometimes, in fact quite often, the shortest posts are also the most informative. So we hope that the following three succinct lessons that Bank of America’s Chief Investment Strategist said he learned in 2018, are sufficiently self-explanatory to also be educational. What we learned in 2018… That central banks trumpRead More →