Via Dana Lyons’ Tumblr, After a long stint above it, the S&P 500 tested its 200-day moving average several times over the past week before finally breaking below it; what does this development suggest for the index going forward? Much attention this week has been paid to the long-awaited break ofRead More →

Daniel Sheikhan brought his vehicle to a Mercedes-Benz dealership for a transmission flush. He left his dash camera on during the service. Here’s the disturbing footage. According to CityNews, Sheikhan didn’t set out to bust the technicians doing anything wrong. But when he noticed the Frosty residue in his cupRead More →

The war of words between President Trump and ‘everyone else’ continues to heat up, with market conniptions managed for now by Kudlow’s “good cop” headlines to Trump’s “bad cop” histrionics. In his latest salvo in the trade war, following China’s ‘fight them on the beaches’ rhetoric, Trump turned his attentionRead More →

Authored by Alex Christoforou via, Russia’s UN envoy blasted the UK’s attempt to blame the poisoning Sergei and Yulia Skripal on Moscow, describing the entire hoax as a “theater of absurd.” The extraordinary UN Security Council meeting was requested by Russia, following the announcement made by the secretive BritishRead More →

A devout and faithful “follower of the truth” has unfortunately been detained in the Spanish port of Valencia while working undercover on banking corruption allegations. A rare radioactive isotope its believed to have been placed inside a McDonalds milkshake mix and smeared over the investigative journalists double cheeseeburger. They areRead More →