The Turkish Lira accelerated its recent demise today – breaking below two critical thresholds – as President Erdogan rebuffed investor calls for higher rates to tamp down excess growth (inflation), commenting that they “are speaking out of jealousy.”   Investors have called for higher interest rates to moderate an economyRead More →

While Russia’s currency and capital markets are tumbling in a delayed response to Friday’s US sanctions against a handful of Kremlin-friendly billionaires, one vital metal used across the globe in aircraft manufacturing and the auto industries is soaring today as a consequence to sanctions against Russia. Aluminum prices have soared,Read More →

Authored by Tim Wu, op-ed via The New York Times, After years of collecting way too much data, Facebook has finally been caught in the facilitation of one privacy debacle too many. When Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s chief executive, testifies before Congress this week, lawmakers will no doubt ask howRead More →

Did National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow just suggest the formation of the North-American-Dollar bloc? The Mexican Peso and Canadian Dollar just legged higher after comments by Larry Kudlow that “there should be more North American currency coordination.” The ‘Noro’ – North American Euro? The ‘Nambi’ – North American BuyingRead More →

Authored by Lance Roberts via, “The market is reacting in a way which does not comport with the strength, the unbelievable strength in President Trump’s economy. I mean, everything in this economy is hitting on all cylinders because of President Trump’s economic policies. We’ve cut taxes. That’s stimulating investmentRead More →

Elon Musk isn’t the only Silicon Valley luminary to delete Facebook pages (or rather, the pages belonging to Tesla and SpaceX) in response to the widening scandal over how Facebook stores, shares, leverages and sells its users’ personal data: on Sunday, Woz also deactivated his account saying the social network hadRead More →

Viktor Orbán embarks on another four years in power newly emboldened, after winning a crushing victory in a parliamentary vote on Sunday that will give him the power to remould Hungary. With most of the votes counted by Monday morning, a two-thirds majority looks likely for Orbán’s Fidesz party, which will allowRead More →