In her book The Big Fat Surprise, Nina Teicholz controversially contends that United States nutritional guidelines have largely contributed to rising levels of heart disease and obesity in the American populace. Since the American Heart Association (AHA) linked the consumption of saturated fat with heart disease in 1961, government bureaucrats and policymakers have embarked onRead More →

Armed Conflicts, TerraViva United Nations House destroyed by shelling in Luhansk Region where IOM provides cash assistance to vulnerable residents. Photo: IOM/2018 KYIV, Ukraine, Jun 12 2018 (IOM) – “Ukraine is the largest displacement crisis in Europe since the Balkan wars,” according to Argentina Szabados, IOM, the UN Migration Agency’sRead More →

Asia-Pacific, Development & Aid, Europe, Gender, Headlines, Population, Poverty & SDGs, TerraViva United Nations | Opinion Tejshree Thapa is a senior Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch Adolescent girls in Nepal continue to suffer severe disadvantages, discrimination and exclusion. Credit: UNFPA Nepal Jun 12 2018 (IPS) – I am theRead More →

I’ve been tracking the connection since 1999, when I wrote a long white paper, for the Truth Seeker Foundation, on school shootings and psychiatric drugs. The paper was titled: “Why Do They Do It? School shootings Across America.” The drugs aren’t the only causative factor, but they produce what I callRead More →

America has a dark secret that no one wants to admit. Talk of this secret will get you labelled as a conspiracy theorist, fake news, and outlets who report on it will have their organic reach throttled by social media and Google alike. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary,Read More →