Skeptics are taking aim at a Thursday night BuzzFeed report that President Trump “personally instructed” his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.  Less than 12 hours after the report, its credibility has been called into question after the two journalists who wroteRead More →

Authored by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners, Yesterday was supposed to see the release of the Census Bureau’s retail trade report, a key data set pertaining to the (alarming) state of American consumers, therefore workers by extension (income). With the federal government in partial shutdown, those numbers will beRead More →

By Walter Olson “That buzzing noise over a construction site could be an OSHA drone searching for safety violations,” notes Littler Mendelson lawyer Tammy McCutchen in a piece for the Federalist Society. Quoting a U.S. Department of Labor memorandum from May of last year obtained by Bloomberg Law, McCutchen writes that “your friendlyRead More →

By Daisy Luther As I’ve written before, the government shutdown is a perfect demonstration of our politicians participating in partisan showmanship, with poor people as the victims of their theater. As individual states desperately attempt to take care of the people depending on them by sending out food stamp benefitsRead More →

By B.N. Frank According to Scientific American, “Relentless Rise of Space Junk Threatens Satellites and Earth” Space is vast. Yet Earth orbits are becoming increasingly littered with debris (speckled graphic). A satellite could be demolished if struck by a 10-centimeter piece of junk, about the size of a softball. EvenRead More →