President Trump is giving special counsel Robert Mueller until September 1st for a sit-down interview under limited conditions, as an interview beyond that window “could interfere with the midterm elections,” reports the Wall Street Journal, citing Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.  Trump’s attorneys sent Mueller’s team a proposal indicating that the president wouldRead More →

With attendance at Baltimore schools plumbing 13-year lows, and multiple high schools with zero students proficient in math, it is perhaps no surprise that Baltimore schools delayed implementing a grade policy in August that would have prevented six schools from fielding any sports teams. The Daily Caller’s Rob Smishock reportsRead More →

In the first tentative step toward the final option available for Erdogan to halt the Lira’s accelerating collapse – which crashed as low as 7.2362 earlier after the Wellington FX open following the the Turkish president’s latest belligerent comments – namely capital controls, the Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision AgencyRead More →

Via, Memorandum for: The US Embassies of Ecuador and the United Kingdom, and the U.S. State Department From: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity Subject: Humanitarian Asylum for Julian Assange For six years, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has been effectively imprisoned without charges at Ecuador’s London embassy. In that time, two international courtsRead More →

By B.N. Frank Many security experts have written about the vulnerabilities of IoT already.  With an almost 75% failure rate, it’s already proven to be more trouble than it’s worth.  Yet Big Wireless won’t give up their pursuit of installing IoT everywhere.  Of course, this is understandable because they areRead More →